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From swarm collection in your area to pollinating crops, pure buzzin works within the community to provide beekeeping services.

We can visit your community centre, school or organisation to deliver tailormade workshops and longer term projects. Workshops can include making hive based products such as candles, making beehives, and beekeeping presentations.

Can you host a hive on your land or rooftop? At Pure Buzzin we are always scouting out areas to use as an apiary. Get in touch for more information

Learn more about beekeeping or improve your confidence as a beekeeper and visit our hives. We put on practical beekeeping experiences which can be tailor made to suit your needs.

As a gift, our beekeepers experience includes a hands on session where we will open beehives and talk about beekeeping. The experience can include a honey tasting workshop, building beehives, hand spinning honey and a closer look at pollen. We will create memories to last a life time.

A visit to the hives is a great team building activity. Give your staff team something to talk about and improve their ability to work together through this shared experience demanding communication and problem solving.

We can provide a full day of beekeeping and other activities. Food can be provided and with our great transport links, at the end of the day you can bee at your favourite venue chatting about your day out with Pure Buzzin. Great for birthdays, stag/hen parties, and groups of mates. Get in touch to discuss your Pure Buzzin day out