Voucher for a beekeeping experience



Do you want to gift a voucher for our beekeeping experience to a friend or loved one? Purchase a digital voucher to be redeemed at a later date. Find out more about our sessions here


Promoting inclusion is one of our core aims as a Community Interest Company. You can read more about what we think about inclusion here

Accessing activities, especially if you have a disability can be difficult – there are often extra costs involved and the many different activities soon add up. We offer a 50% discount for anyone who is either diagnosed with, or considers them self to have a disability. Just use the code: inclusion at the check out when booking your session. Carers also go free, just use the code: carer at the checkout. Be sure to get in touch with any problems using the discount codes and we will get it sorted out.

If you require an exclusive session, or feel we need to know something before you come to see our honeybees – drop us a beemail at hello@purebuzzin.co.uk

example digital voucher for beekeeping experience
example digital voucher for beekeeping experience


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