We believe everyone should be included in their local communities, this is called inclusion. Currently our society is set up with many barriers in terms of poor funding, inadequate infrastructure, and lack of understanding or awareness. There are many more barriers which impact people in a way which might be unique to them.

We accept that we don’t always get it right and have changes needing to be made. We will make mistakes along the way although will never intend on ostracising or otherwise excluding people from what we do. The terms we use, and i have used in this article, may not be accepted by everyone – i am attempting to communicate to the best of my ability and if corrected or asked to use different words i will try to do that.

First jar of honey

Why is an inclusive society essential?

In my former career of working with children and families i became fascinated by the development of communication in humans. This led on to learning about autism, i spent a time exploring autism and having the opportunity to observe and interact with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I soon found myself seconded to the Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Department and i was able to learn and gain experience in supporting youngsters considered to have a disability and speech and language delay, or disorder.

I spent four years working across the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne on a disability inclusion project. I helped families who had children with additional needs to access otherwise mainstream sports. I helped children access provision and worked with coaches and trainers to be more inclusive.

I understand there is sometimes a need for separate activities when it comes to additional needs. This is from listening to families and observing. I think think that this need could be removed although it would take a huge societal shift – a paradigm shift.

The opportunity to work with people from all corners of the world and in many different situations has been a privilege in broadening my understanding of the human experience, which is very unique to an individual but in the most curious way it is also very similar. I’ve learnt that what people want in life is to be included – To feel a purpose and an attachment; this might be to a person, a group, a craft or activity, or other ‘things’ which can be tangible or intangible. We also strive to be validated.

Discount for our Beekeeping Experience

Accessing activities, especially if you have a disability can be difficult – there are often extra costs involved and the many different activities soon add up. We offer a 50% discount for anyone who is either diagnosed with, or considers them self to have a disability. Just use the code: inclusion at the check out when booking your session. Carers also go free, just use the code: carer at the checkout. Be sure to get in touch with any problems using the discount codes and we will get it sorted out.

If you require an exclusive session, or feel we need to know something before you come to see our honeybees – drop us a beemail at hello@purebuzzin.co.uk

Communicate with us

At Pure Buzzin we want to include everyone in what we do and to take your lead. If you can suggest a way in which we can help you be included please do let us know, however big or small. Our popular beekeeping experience can be made an ‘exclusive session’ or we can put in place changes, and adapt to meet the needs and include everyone.

What can you do about inclusion?

I feel that the best way to achieve inclusion is through communication. The facial expressions we put out, body language, and listening we offer to others will lead to empathy of a person or group. We don’t always need to entirely understand a persons position, i don’t think any one person can understand everything, but a willingness to learn and openness to another lifestyle, culture, disability, condition, or way one can self identify is vital. Compassion is a powerful word but the act of compassion is even more powerful; to struggle together. And then we can thrive.

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