With Pure Buzzin, you can adopt a bee and help us to continue our work within communities and with pollinators.

This is a sweet gift and has the option to come along with a certificate or a video introducing you to the adopted bee.

Honeybees in the hive

A sweet gift

It will take twelve honey bees their entire lifetime to produce just one teaspoon of honey! Those twelve bees are working along side thousands of others, her sisters are pulling together as a superorganism and can collectively achieve incredible things.

Worker honeybees usually live for six weeks. It’s a short lifespan and she will go through various roles depending on her age. When you adopt a bee you are helping to pay for the expansion of Pure Buzzin. We have so many projects we want to deliver and increase the number of hives that we manage.

Supporting pollinators

Here’s an example of the personalised video you could receive when you adopt a bee and support us:

Sponsor a hive

You can also sponsor one of our hives which are placed around the community. Businesses and organisations are welcome to arrange for their logo to be displayed on the hive they sponsor.

Receive updates on your hive and try the honey produced from the honeybees who reside in it. A honeybee colony rarely produces enough honey in the first year for their to be any surplus to put in a jar. The second year we expect to harvest from the beehive, we spin out the honey by hand.

Coming soon

You can join our Beemail list and recieve updates on our latest products, offers, and work in comunities.

We are usually so busy working with the bees and delivering sessions that we rarely send mail – we also appreciate that no one wants to be bombarded, so we try to send one email per month.

To sign up you can find more details on the contact page